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The 12 Days For Christmas

It was in September 2014 when I decided that I, Andy Leeks would take on the challenge of writing a book about diets. I felt that I could do a good job of it, what with the 15 years of experience of yo-yo dieting under my belt and having spent every one of those years leaping from one faddy diet to another. I had no interest in writing a conventional diet book however. You know the one I mean, the one that’s written by a pencil-thin bimbo, full of condescending bull-shit about how being over weight isn’t your fault and outrageous claims that you are just a few page-turns away from being a size 6 model. I genuinely couldn’t think of anything worse. I wanted to write an honest book; one that would tell it how it was. I came up with an idea; a silly idea to some; irresponsible to others, but it was an idea that was to turn into a best-selling book that has gone onto receive national and international acclaim, and one that is even recommended by the NHS service in the UK.

I knew that the reason that all of my previous diets had failed was because I got bored. Bored of skipping food groups, counting calories, eating cereal or whatever else I had signed up to on the diet that week. As soon as those first few days of excitement and anticipation had passed, I was on a one way journey to Miseryland, with a very quick stop off at Whyalwaysme along the way.

I wondered if it would be possible to hop quickly from one diet to another, moving on before I got bored and dejected. Could it be possible that I would stand a better chance of success by simply flitting around, like some sort of diet floosy. I decided I would give it a go and it was how the book “Minmize Me – 10 Diets to lose 25 lbs in 50 Days” came about. You can check it out here Minimize Me.

I won’t spoil the book in case you intend to read it, but one thing I learned very quickly is that diets don’t really work, at least not in the long term. The body is a complex thing and often the best advice is to simply have a healthy balanced diet (Kind of obvious, right?) Another thing I learned and something that came as a complete surprise to me is that losing weight just before Christmas is AMAZING!!. It meant that I got to enjoy Christmas and New Year completely guilt free. It gave the festivities an extra lift and I felt like I’d given myself an early Christmas present of my own. Why should losing weight be restricted solely to the New Year and the week before you jet off on holiday? (Ultimately failing and never being able to look at the holiday snaps ever again).

It is exactly why I have developed “The 12 Days For Christmas” campaign. It’s simply a period of 12 days where we can all get together to collectively lose weight in a fun and healthy way just before Christmas. I have created a FREE 12 day course where I will send out an email each day for the 12 days of the campaign. I’ll be providing inspirational advice from health experts, guidance and advice on healthy choices as well as a host of recipe’s and information on how best to enjoy the 12 days we have together. I’ll provide links to the blog where people can get advice, ask questions and help to inspire each other along the way and I’ll be asking everyone to let me know their results at the end of the 12 days, so we can see how much we have lost collectively.

Treat yourself this Christmas to the best Christmas you will ever have; a guilt free and indulgent Christmas that you will never forget. The campaign will run from Monday 30th November to Friday 11th December (Just in time to enjoy the work party)

It is essentially a fun, responsible and wonderfully interactive way to lose weight together, so it would be hugely appreciated if you would consider sharing the campaign on social media. Feel free to copy and paste the following link to your social network site of choice

To sign up for yourself, simply click on the link and fill in the details below (Your information will be kept safe and secure and will never be used for marketing purposes)

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New Year, New Me…. Same old Facebook!


There are times when I love Facebook and there are times when I hate it. I hate Facebook when I get constant updates from people asking me to play tedious online games and when people upload pictures of their food. I hate Facebook when people leave statuses that are clearly designed to initiate a response. You know the ones I mean, theres probably one sitting on your newsfeed right now. “Why do I bother” “I can’t believe he’s done it again” “Is it really supposed to double in size” that kind of thing. People are lured into responding, not because they care about the person, they’re just plain nosey!

There are also times when I love Facebook and the period around Christmas and New Year is when I fall back in love with it. Christmas is great because there is so much positivity and everyone just seems happy to be off of work and relaxing with their family and friends. The New Year is even better because the twenty four hours either side of midnight, you often get to see the very best of people and the very worst of them. As I scrolled through my news feed leading up to and then entering the New Year last year, it was the perfect mix of hope and excitement, followed by the dawn of realisation.

My book “As They Slept – A Year in the Life of a Commuter” was born from an argument on Facebook and the chapter posted below took the form of a poem, created solely from the status updates on my news feed in a twenty four hour period, between New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Overworked and underpaid
Congratulations on getting engaged
Ok I’m drunk, I confess!
Work tomorrow, so depressed!
Think it’s time to clear out the loft
Watching season 5 of lost!
Housework done, time for beer
Look out people, this is my year
Surely it’s got to be gin o’clock?
Chris would like to play lucky slots
Sorry about my drunken post
Looking forward to a big fat roast
Wake me up when it’s all over
It’s 2 in the morning and I’m still sober
Chips are ready! Ketchup or Gravy?
Kim and Kanye are having a baby
Time to lose my Christmas gut!
Anyone know what time Tesco shuts?
Haven’t been this drunk in a while
Time to party gangnam style
Time to lose the Movember tash
Mosie would like to play Bingo bash
Oh my god I look like a goth
2012 can piss right off
Time to weigh in
I’m laying off gin
Lovely weather!
Yeah whatever
Ouch my head
Time for bed
Here come the tears
Happy New Year

If you want to hear more about the book, check out the You Tube video below where I talk to Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London

As They Slept – A Year in the Life of a Commuter is Out Now

As They Slept 1-4 cover design (ebook)

A Birthday First

It’s my birthday today and it is the first time I have ever worked on my birthday! Even as a child I was excused from having to go to school due to the date that it fell on and as I crept into adulthood, I always managed to find an excuse to take the day off.
“My wife has booked a surprise for me” I would say as I hand in the holiday request form, knowing full well I have nothing more planned than sitting in my pants all day eating chocolate cake.
I always felt sorry for the kids at school who had to come in on their birthday. Birthdays are the one day a year when you are allowed to be spoilt; twenty four hours of pure unadulterated selfishness. By going to school or work, you are shortening that already extremely small window considerably.
I said to my boss this morning that as this is the first time I have ever worked on my birthday, was there any chance that I could treat it a little differently.
“How do you mean” he asked, puzzled
“Put my feet up and take it easy” I said
“I thought you wanted to treat it differently!” he replied
Another good reason for not going to work on my birthday is that I miss out on having to buy the cakes! Call me a grump, but why in the hell should I buy cakes for everybody when it is MY bloody birthday. Surely birthday’s are the one day a year when you can sit back and let other people buy things for you. Not once have I woken up on my birthday and thought “Never mind me everyone, here’s a couple of hundred quid, why don’t you go out and treat yourselves”
It must have all started somewhere. I imagine it started with the office junior one year. Fed up of sending them to fetch tartan paint and left handed screw drivers, someone somewhere told the office junior that when it’s their birthday they have to buy the cakes and this whole stupid birthday cake buying nonsense was born.
I’m on the evening train home now, looking forward to seeing my wife and child, but I can’t help feeling that I’ve been cheated. By insisting on sleeping for the first seven hours of my Birthday and then stupidly spending the next twelve hours at work, I have reduced my twenty four hour’s of unadulterated selfishness to just five; and that’s if I make it to midnight before falling asleep!
So, seven months pregnant or not, my wife’s got her work cut out this evening as she has only five hours to squeeze in a three course meal cooked from scratch, a luxurious massage followed by a perfectly run bath while providing some insightful and interesting chat about Watford’s chances of lifting the title this year.
I’m guessing she’ll be booking me a surprise next year!