Another Busy Year….

With the passing of yet another enjoyable Christmas and New Year period, I find myself looking forward to what this year has to offer, certainly in terms of my writing. I’ve always followed a similar regime and it goes something like this.

  1. Release book in mid-December
  2. Enjoy Christmas
  3. Enjoy New Year
  4. Struggle for ideas
  5. Panic
  6. Panic some more
  7. Come up with an idea
  8. Write 10,000 words and then give up and start on another idea
  9. Give up on that idea and go back to the original idea
  10. Panic
  11. Panic some more
  12. Release book in mid-December

2015 was slightly different however, as I ended up getting stuck at number 8, but rather than starting on another idea, I simply gave up altogether. I was worried at first, but then I figured I needed a break. I’ve always written books because it is something that I enjoy doing, but last year it felt different. My books were selling well, they were well received and they had received critical praise and so for the first time ever, I felt under pressure to write. Instead of doing it for me, I felt the pressure of writing to keep other people happy. It felt more like a job than a hobby, which while I’d always secretly hoped it would be my job one day, I also secretly hoped it wouldn’t, for the very reason I’ve explained above.

So rather than writing a book, I spent a lot of 2015 writing for me. I’ve written short stories, poems, memories and much more and I’ve kept it all for myself. It was a very liberating experience and it was very much needed. It’s meant that come 2016 I’m raring to go. It’s one of the many advantages of being a self-published author – being able to do whatever we want; no-one to please but ourselves and I truly believe it’s what can help to ensure our work is as good as, if not better, than published authors, due to the pressures they face to churn out chapter after chapter.

So happy New Year to you all and I hope that 2016 is a memorable year for you. Now please, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some ‘struggling for ideas’ to get on with.

To contact Andy you can email him directly on or via his twitter @astheyslept or Facebook page




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