Minimize Me


I’ve been on so many diets in the past and I always seem to fail due to boredom, so it struck me one day that I may have a better chance of success if I were to keep things interesting, by changing diet plans every few days.

The result? A self imposed challenge to try out 10 different diets, in an effort to lose 25 lbs in just 50 days.

With the help of a long suffering wife and a truly inspirational young nutritionist, the book describes the ups and downs of a serial crash dieter. It is a ‘warts and all’ account that focuses on the funnier side of dieting. Think of it as the reverse of ‘Supersize Me’.

The book provides an interesting twist on the conventional new year diet and the whole idea is to prove that people can lose weight without the need for expensive memberships and subscriptions.

Minimize Me – 10 Diets to Lose 25 lbs in 50 Days is out now and available at just £1.99

Click here to buy the book


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